Our Busines Model

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Karena hanya di WATFORD LLC ,,,


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Our Busines Model

Ourbusiness model

Watford LLC company’s business model was created and developed by Richard Watford. He fully realized how vulnerable and unstable is the current public joint-stock companies system, when he lost all his money due to the global financial crisis in 2008. That is why he decided to act. So, he launched his own business model concept called «People to Company» (P-to-C) in 2015.
The current concept almost instantly showed its positive affect and gave a powerful impetus and huge financial growth to those companies, currently controlled by Richard Watford.
P-to-C relationship system allows interaction intermediaries-free way since it is focused on building direct, personalized business relationships. The intermediaries’ elimination makes it possible to establish competitive prices, which naturally results in the trade margin increase.


The current business model idea is that all the interaction between the company and the customer processes directly without brokers, intermediaries or third-party organizations. Our future partners conduct all the negotiations and affairs with Watford LLC representatives directly. It provides a legal guarantee for both the customer and company’s safety and reliability.
Besides P-to-C concept gives a great chance to reduce costs and build trusting partnerships with each customer, since the current chain consists of two links, interacting directly with each other.
Each party may be sure of their own interests security and funds safety due to all the required documents and licenses, as well as a formal agreement between the company and the customer.


  • The parent company is oriented on the end customer
  • The customer buys company’s shares, which satisfy his individual needs
  • The customer may not be the expert in a certain field but he will definitely be sure in reliability due to our experts’ professional team
  • The interaction process cycle is rather short
  • The relatively low shares importance for an individual buyer, but it’s worth mentioning the scale effect has a large impact due to massive sales
So, to conclude, we my definitely say that «People to Company» business model is one of the breakthrough concepts, which provided Watford LLC and, accordingly, its subsidiaries, with both a reliable future and sustainable development as well.
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