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Company’sactivity scope

EDV-Recycling chose waste collection and recycling in various regions worldwide, as well as in the oceans, to preserve our planet, improve the environmental state and the third world countries’ population life quality. EDV-Recycling both revolutionizes, while being innovative in the waste recycling field as well as monetizes it due to numerous partners, including well-known PlasticBank startup, since people are interested in collecting as much waste as possible, because there is a chance to get those goods, which poor people can’t afford at EDV-Recycling's waste collection points.
The current business line is especially relevant at the moment, because the issue resolved by EDV-Recycling is extremely acute. Therefore, be sure to note you will be provided with a profit and will help our planet once have become our company’s shareholder.
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Join EDV-Recycling Team

Since «EDV-Recycling» company is engaged in a socially useful business building. So, be sure to join it since you will both get dividends as well as provide an opportunity to improve the environmental state worldwide by purchasing our company’s shares. A lot of money is being invested in garbage recycling industry and all support types are provided both by private investors as well as various government programs, in particular this applies to EDV-Recycling, since the garbage recycling industry is actively developing. All of the above-mentioned guarantees both high reliability and stable profitability, given the partnership in the company, which positively effects the company’s demand and popularity dynamics.
All company’s funds and transactions are insured and provided with the highest protection level against various force majeure circumstances, since a large cash flow requires both close attention and high protection.
Change the world together with «EDV-Recycling», since together we may both achieve material security as well as make our world better and cleaner, saving it for future generations!


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